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Franchise business opportunities

: 'Salad days' are here to stay for franchisees! Whoever said salad was boring obviously never went near a Green is better franchise salad-bar (www.greenbusinessonly.com), which offer healthy meals that are as imaginative as you make them! The obvious antidote to ever more hectic working lives and squeezed lunch breaks, Green is better is looking to give franchising opportunities to individuals who want to take on the challenge of providing good quality food to go for our cities' workers. This is a franchise business opportunity that requires no previous experience. Green is better gives its franchisees free rein on many aspects of running the business, such as choosing menus to cater to their particular customers' preferences. Low start-up costs and expert support throughout your business' life means this is one of the best franchise opportunities you'll see. The ultimate objective is to achieve a place in the list of top 10 franchises in the salad-bar field - an ambition that will undoubtedly be furthered by the opening of new outlets in Eastern Europe and Moscow.

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